All Florida Dispensaries Offer Home Delivery

Medical Marijuana Doctor Issuing Recommendations for Patients Near Tampa, St. Petersburg and All of Florida


Medical cannabis home delivery in FloridaWith the passage of Amendment 2, Floridians experiencing pain and other health problems can receive medical cannabis, delivered right to their doorstep. If you are someone living with Crohn's disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS or one of the other qualifying conditions, you know that pain can be debilitating. Chronic pain can make it impossible to leave the house for errands and appointments. Amendment 2 recognizes that being mobile while in pain is not always possible, but that you should not be deprived of pain-relieving treatment because of this lack of mobility.

Orlando Sentinel reported on the first home delivery in Florida in July 2016. Since then, medical cannabis and low-THC cannabis has been delivered to patients in areas across the state. The dispensing organization makes the delivery. After you have visited with Dr. Brown, we will describe how you can contact the dispensing facility to arrange delivery.

When the delivery is made, it will be hand-delivered to you or your legal representative, at your doorstep. The state-approved carrier will deliver your medical cannabis discreetly and professionally.

If you want to find out if you are eligible for medical cannabis in Florida, please call Access Marijuana at 727-209-5470. We are located in St. Petersburg and serve all of the surrounding areas, including Tampa.