Can You Go Into a Dispensary Without a Card in Florida?

It’s easy to obtain cannabis in some states. You simply walk into a dispensary and prove your age with a government-issued ID. But this only applies where recreational marijuana is legal.

Recreational marijuana is not legal in Florida. If you have purchased recreational marijuana in other states, either while traveling or living somewhere it was available, this may be surprising.

You can’t walk into a dispensary, otherwise known as a medical marijuana treatment center (MMTC), without a card in Florida. Instead, you’ll need to meet some specific requirements. Keep reading to learn more about purchasing medical cannabis products in the Sunshine State.

Obtaining Marijuana in Florida

We understand that marijuana regulations can be confusing. It doesn’t help that they often vary from one state to the next. Here are a few things to know about buying marijuana in Florida:

Infographic obtaining marijuana in Florida

  • Recreational marijuana is illegal: As mentioned above, cannabis is not legal for recreational use in Florida. Possession can come with strict penalties such as jail time.
  • Dispensaries do not accept out-of-state cards: Florida does not offer medical marijuana reciprocity. Medical marijuana cards issued in other states are useless here.
  • You need an active MMUR card to purchase marijuana: MMUR stands for Medical Marijuana Use Registry. It is a secure online database for the registration of qualified physicians and patients. You must be added to it before you can apply for a card. You will also need to provide documents such as a photo and proof of Florida residency.
  • Our physicians issue recommendations for qualified patients: There are a number of conditions that may qualify you for medical marijuana in Florida. These conditions include cancer, PTSD, glaucoma, and many others. Talk to our physicians to learn more.

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Access Marijuana RX (AMRX) has helped many people discover the benefits of medical marijuana. You can schedule a consultation to learn if you are eligible for MMJ in Florida. If you don’t qualify, the cost of your consultation will be waived. Call 727-209-5470 today to schedule.

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