Common Uses for Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana is believed to be effective in treating a wide range of symptoms. For people living with qualifying conditions such as cancer or PTSD, the potential indications are broad. Here are some common uses for medical marijuana that may improve a person’s quality of life:

  • Common uses for mmj infographic Pain management: Medical marijuana is most often used for pain control. It is not strong enough for severe pain such as a broken bone; however, it can be quite beneficial for chronic pain. Millions of Americans struggle with chronic pain. For them, MMJ is considered safer than opiates because there is no known risk of lethal overdose. It has been seen to ease the pain of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and other conditions.
  • Muscle relaxation: Many adults deal with stiff muscles and muscle spasms. They can cause tightness and rigidity in your limbs, disrupt your sleep, and make it difficult to exercise and perform other daily tasks. THC and CBD are thought to be effective muscle relaxers that can help lessen tremors and improve comfort. Topical formulas are particularly popular among those who are looking to target specific muscle groups.
  • Nausea reduction: Nausea is a leading symptom of many health conditions and a side effect of their treatments. It often accompanies Crohn’s disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions. Cannabis has been seen to help quell nausea and prevent vomiting. Choose a method of taking medical cannabis that appeals to you. For example, if you have trouble keeping cannabis-infused baked goods down, then a tincture or oil may be a better option.
  • Appetite stimulation: Medical marijuana is an option for managing loss of appetite in people with qualifying conditions such as HIV/AIDs. It is often used by cancer patients to combat appetite changes during chemotherapy. Even seniors, who typically deal with changes in taste and smell and dental issues that make it hard to eat, may benefit from increasing their appetites using medical marijuana

Keep in mind that this is not an inclusive list of the ways medical marijuana can be used. Talk to our physicians to learn how it can help you deal with the symptoms of a qualifying medical condition or the side effects of ongoing therapies and treatments related to your condition.

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