Dispensaries in Florida

Medical Marijuana Doctor Issuing Recommendations for Patients Near Tampa, St. Petersburg and All of Florida


Dispensaries in Florida are known as "Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers," or MMTCs. These businesses have been licensed by the state of Florida to grow, cultivate, manufacture, transport and sell marijuana and low-THC cannabis in our state. These are the only businesses who can perform those functions.

While other states have marijuana shops that sell various products, Florida's MMTCs sell only their brand of products. They can't sell the marijuana products of another MMTC. Some of our patients favor one dispensary's products over another, just like you may favor one brand of ibuprofen over another.

If you have never gotten a marijuana card before and don't know where to go, rely on our experienced physicians. After finding out if you're eligible for a card, you need a caring, proactive doctor who will tell you about the MMTCs in your area and recommend one based on customer service, products, prices and other features. To learn more, please call Access Marijuana RX in St. Petersburg at 727-209-5470.