How Do I Choose a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Florida?

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With the growing number of medical marijuana physicians in Florida, how do I choose the right one for me, you may wonder. Your medical marijuana doctor should provide a comprehensive evaluation, clearly explain your eligibility, and guide you through all aspects of obtaining and using medical marijuana (assuming a recommendation is made). At Access Marijuana RX, Dr. Lora Brown provides individualized, attentive care. As her patient, you will know what to do every step of the way. To learn more about us, please call our St. Petersburg, FL, office at 727-209-5470.

The Florida Medical Marijuana Consultation – What is Included?

As you choose a physician, it can be tempting to consider cost alone. At AMRX, we urge you to consider other factors in addition to cost. The initial MMJ evaluation is very important. Beyond cost, what is the physician offering in the evaluation?

Your medical marijuana evaluation with Dr. Brown is comprehensive and complete. It includes:

  • Discussion of your medical and health history
  • Discussion of current medical treatments
  • Discussion of symptoms, pain and discomfort
  • Listening to your lungs and heart

Dr. Brown spends meaningful time with you to make sure everything is discussed. This is not a practice where you will be rushed out of the door after a quick meeting. Dr. Brown wants to make sure she understands the full picture of your health and your current health condition. She can then determine if medical marijuana can benefit you, and, if so, make recommendations for medical marijuana.

If Dr. Brown recommends medical marijuana, she will enter her orders into the State’s patient registry. Once this happens, she will make sure you know what to do next. Rest assured that we will tell you how to get to a dispensary, which dispensaries are closest to you, what to expect when you get there and what to ask for. We’ll also make sure you know how to check in with us should you have any questions.

Is There Support After You Receive the MMJ Recommendation?

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Your relationship with your Florida medical marijuana doctor should extend beyond the ordering and entering of the recommendation. You will still need to obtain and use the marijuana product. Your doctor should make sure you know what to ask for and how to use it once you get home. They should also be available to you in a follow-up capacity, to assess how the product is working and if you have any concerns.

Here are the main things Dr. Brown’s MMJ recommendation orders will say:

  • Dosing per day (in milligrams), and for how many days
  • Delivery methods (how you use the medical cannabis)
  • End date (when the order expires)

In addition, Dr. Brown will discuss with you her suggestions for the type of cannabis and strain. These suggestions can be especially helpful if you are new to cannabis, as it can be a little overwhelming to go to the dispensary without knowing this information.

When you go to the dispensary, there will be many MMJ options. Rely on us to inform you of these before you go, so that you will know what to ask for.

Follow up about the effectiveness or any problems you are experiencing – Once you have had a chance to use your recommmended MMJ product, call us and let us know if you have any questions. You may have questions about how to use the product you obtained from the dispensary, and we are just a phone call or virtual visit away. Dr. Brown wants to know how you feel and whether the medical marijuana is alleviating your symptoms. She is able to make changes to dosing or MMJ recommendations based on your experience.

The Next Step: Arrange an Evaluation

Dr. Brown is certified by the State to make medical marijuana recommendations. If a recommendation is made for you, Dr. Brown will make sure you know what products to ask for and how to use them correctly. To arrange your initial Florida medical marijuana evaluation with Dr. Brown, please call Access Marijuana RX at 727-209-5470. We proudly serve Tampa, St. Petersburg and people from across Florida.


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