How Medical Marijuana Can Benefit Seniors in Florida

Free guide to medical marijuana for seniors in Florida

In November of 2016, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the state constitution that would greatly expand legal access to medical marijuana in the state. In the summer of 2017, the state legislature passed the laws necessary to implement the will of the voters, and so medical marijuana became available for a greater number of suffering Floridians.

While medical marijuana can be of great benefit to anyone suffering from a qualifying condition in Tampa or anywhere else in the state, our clinic has seen time and time again that senior citizens can derive uniquely important benefits from medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana for seniors represents an excellent solution for many elderly Floridians trying to address pressing health needs while limiting their intake of prescription drugs.

Symptoms Medical Marijuana Can Address

It’s a simple reality of aging that our bodies change significantly as we age. These changes aren’t cause for panic, but just because they’re normal and expected doesn’t mean you simply have to deal with pain and discomfort.

Obviously, there are a lot of options for treating senior-related issues. It’s big business, in fact. But there are dangers associated with consumption of large amounts of legal pharmaceuticals, even if you do everything right.

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Medical marijuana, when prescribed by an experienced, qualified doctor and assembled by trustworthy professionals, can alleviate many of the common symptoms of age-related conditions and do so safely.

Our clinic can use medical marijuana to help if you’re a senior suffering from any of these common age-related conditions:

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Symptoms from cancer and cancer treatment, such as nausea, vomiting and pain
  • Glaucoma-related pressure on your eyes
  • Fibromyalgia

Of course, the most important thing when treating these conditions is to do so safely. Even FDA-approved prescription drugs have side effects, and the tragic reality is that inadvertently abusing these drugs is all too common. Prescription drug abuse has become a serious problem for seniors in Tampa and across the country, and too often this abuse can lead to fatal overdose.

Medical marijuana, by contrast, offers a safe alternative when used properly and with informed, experienced guidance. There’s no risk of a fatal overdose, and the side effects are much milder than with many prescription drugs.

Arranging an Evaluation

To find out if you are eligible for medical marijuana in this state, you must arrange an evaluation with a state-certified physician like Dr. Lora Brown. She will review your health history and current age-related health conditions. In Florida, only certain conditions are eligible for medical marijuana treatment. Many of those conditions tend to appear with age, so we have a significant number of senior citizens seeking treatment. Dr. Brown is personally committed to guiding her eligible patients through the process, from obtaining the right dose and type of medical marijuana, to monitoring how it is affecting you.

If you’re a senior citizen in Tampa, St. Petersburg or anywhere else in Florida and you have questions about medical marijuana and whether it’s right for you, please call Access Marijuana RX today at 727-209-5470 for a consultation and evaluation.


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