National Cancer Survivors Month

Medical Marijuana Doctor Issuing Recommendations for Patients Near Tampa, St. Petersburg and All of Florida


Woman who is living with cancer hugging her friendThe month of June carries a special designation: National Cancer Survivors Month. It is important to recognize all people who have been affected by cancer – those who have fought and survived the disease, those who are currently fighting, and those who have been recently diagnosed.

During this month, cities are urged to:

  • Acknowledge survivors of cancer in their communities
  • Raise awareness of challenges survivors and their families face
  • Celebrate life after a cancer diagnosis


The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation recognizes that cancer survivors are anybody who has a history with cancer, from the moment of diagnosis through the rest of their lives. Survivors are not only those that are living life after cancer remission, but those who are living with the disease at any point in the aforementioned spectrum.

At Access Marijuana RX, we want to recognize survivors and their families by stating that life after cancer is worth acknowledging, celebrating and fighting for. With more people living longer after a cancer diagnosis, it's very important to work toward real solutions for the challenges cancer survivors face.

In Florida, medical marijuana is an option available to people with cancer. If you aren't quite sure about it but want to learn more, we encourage you to give us a call. Cannabis can be taken in many forms, whether you want to smoke it, take a tablet, use a tincture, vaporizer, cream or other product. It stimulates appetite, reduces pain, and can lessen insomnia and anxiety.

To arrange an appointment in St. Petersburg to get your marijuana card, please call our practice at 727-209-5470. Our compassionate staff and team of doctors want to help you decide if the benefits of cannabis are right for you.