The Advantages of Florida’s Marijuana Law

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It’s been all over the news: Florida may eventually vote on recreational marijuana. Petitions are circulating, with signatures in the tens of thousands. It’s not entirely improbable that Florida voters will see a recreational legalization question in the 2020 election. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – right now, medical marijuana is the law of the land in our state.

You must receive an evaluation and be entered into the state database by a qualified doctor, in order to be able to purchase medical cannabis in our state. Unlike recreational stores in other states, which allow you to walk in and purchase products with a typical state ID, Florida’s law ensures patients who need medical weed are guided through the process.

Why Don’t People Need ID Cards in Recreational Marijuana States?

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A majority of states in the U.S. have laws legalizing marijuana use in some form, whether it’s medical cannabis, recreational or a mix of both. Because these are state laws, the details vary pretty widely. In Florida, qualified patients can apply to purchase medical marijuana from approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (also referred to as dispensaries).

So, it is true that some states do not require any identification other than the person’s driver’s license to buy recreational marijuana products. If that particular state also provides medical marijuana, then there is likely to be a whole other system for qualifying those patients to purchase products.

Will I Still Need my MMJ Card if we Get Recreational Marijuana in Florida?

It’s all speculation at this point, and Florida doesn’t have any immediate path to recreational marijuana. But you may be curious about whether you would keep your card in this scenario.

There’s no way to know for sure. Our doctors would consult with you based on what laws were passed, and what is best for your medical condition or symptoms. In general, in states that have both medical and recreational weed, these are some of the advantages of holding onto your medical card:

  • Different products may be available for medical patients
  • There may be tax savings for medical patients
  • Medical patients may be allowed to purchase greater amounts of marijuana at a time
  • The medical products may have varying strengths and strains compared to recreational products

This is all conjecture at this point. Florida’s medical law, however, is well established and our doctors can tell you all about it. If you have any questions about how to purchase weed products in our state, please call our office. Our staff is happy to answer all the questions they can over the phone, and to schedule an appointment for you with our doctors if you have more questions.

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