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At Access Marijuana RX (AMRX), we are committed to helping patients treat their illnesses, symptoms and other chronic conditions with the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana. In addition to personal medical evaluations, we aim to provide unparalleled patient-care that centers around health, well-being and education.

Our founder, Dr. Lora L. Brown is certified by the Florida Department of Health. She has 17 years of experience in the field of interventional pain therapy. She has served on the prescription drug abuse task force for two Florida governors. She understands the risk of opiate pharmaceuticals and the benefits of medical cannabis for the treatment of persistent pain and chronic illnesses. 

We strive to foster a compassionate community that advances understanding and diminishes the stigmas still attached to medical cannabis. This blog will serve as an extension of our commitment to the community, as we educate readers and empower our patients to make informed decisions about medical marijuana therapy.

With this blog, we hope to become your trusted source of information on cannabis. We will discuss current events, any changes to Florida’s medical marijuana law and address the questions we commonly hear from patients. On our site, you can learn:

If you would like to learn more about your eligibility for medical marijuana, please call us today at 727-209-5470 to schedule an initial consultation. Our lovely St. Petersburg facility helps patients from Tampa and throughout Florida.