What To Know About Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

Medical Marijuana Doctor Issuing Recommendations for Patients Near Tampa, St. Petersburg and All of Florida


In Florida, our version of dispensaries are known as medical marijuana treatment centers, or MMTCs. By law, these are the only businesses that can cultivate, process and sell marijuana and low-THC cannabis in our state. Doctors who certify individuals for marijuana do not work for MMTCs; in fact, they are not allowed to. Your doctor must be separate from any dispensary.

At Access Marijuana RX in St. Petersburg, our experienced, compassionate doctors want to make sure you are armed with the right information before you go to the MMTC. We'll make sure you know the different dispensaries in our area and what each offers. We'll also make sure you know what to expect when you go there – many types of strains, products, devices and other options will be available. We'll provide you with our recommendations for what to purchase according to the symptoms you are experiencing.

To get started on your way to getting a marijuana card in Florida, please call AMRX in the greater Tampa area at 727-209-5470.