Medical Marijuana Doctor Issuing Recommendations for Patients Near Tampa, St. Petersburg and All of Florida

February 26, 2021
Have you ever wondered how many people use medical marijuana in Florida? Or how many qualified licensing physicians there are in the state? Find answers to these and other questions in the infographic below. Dr. Lora L. Brown is a state-certified physician who wants to help improve your quality of... Read More
February 11, 2021
A growing number of people are using medical marijuana to treat health conditions. But are insurance companies updating their policies to match? The answer may be more complicated than you think. Below, we dig into three of the most common questions our St. Petersburg patients ask about medical... Read More
January 27, 2021
Marijuana laws are constantly in flux across the country as voters weigh in on new initiatives and lawmakers introduce new legislation. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of what is legal where. Here’s what you need to know about Florida marijuana laws in 2021. Medical Marijuana Laws in... Read More
Category: Florida Law
December 23, 2020
Marijuana remains illegal on the federal level. However, recreational and medical cannabis ballot initiatives seek to make it available to people on a state-by-state basis. Arizona, Mississippi, New Jersey, Montana, and South Dakota residents voted on cannabis legalization measures this past... Read More
November 30, 2020
For many people living with chronic pain or debilitating health issues, medical marijuana can be an incredibly beneficial herbal therapy. But it can also be somewhat intimidating to new users. If you are interested in trying medical cannabis to treat a disease or symptom, here are several things... Read More
October 27, 2020
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual health campaign to increase awareness of the disease. There have been tremendous advances against breast cancer in recent years. In addition to regular medical treatment, a growing number of people are looking into complementary medicine... Read More
Category: Cancer
September 30, 2020
For certain people, we have seen medical marijuana reduce the need for opioid medication. Because not all states have medical marijuana, and because many of the medical marijuana laws are still new, there’s really not a lot of hard data on whether states with these laws have lower rates of opioid... Read More
August 17, 2020
It seems like cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere these days. But what do we know about this natural compound, and what do we still have to learn? Our St. Petersburg medical marijuana physician explains below. Common Uses for CBD CBD is a compound extracted from hemp or cannabis that is frequently... Read More
July 22, 2020
Cancer and its various treatments can have debilitating side effects. In search of relief, a growing number of patients are turning to safe and natural medical cannabis — with overwhelmingly positive results. At Access Marijuana RX, we are happy to start the conversation about using cannabis... Read More
Category: Cancer
March 16, 2020
In the U.S., 50 to 70 million adults are affected by chronic or intermittent sleep disorders, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep is important to many aspects of health, including immune function and cognition. Lack of sleep is not only bad for your body, it can strain relationships... Read More