Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Doctor Issuing Recommendations for Patients Near Tampa, St. Petersburg and All of Florida

What are the qualifying medical conditions?

Dr. Lora Brown of Access Marijuana with Patient | St. PetesFlorida has greatly increased the number of conditions that may be treated with medical marijuana, including:

Please feel free to call our office if you have questions: 727-209-5470. In Florida, the physician is able to evaluate a condition that you may have that is not listed above. (Ex: chronic pain, seizuers, spasms, etc.)

Are there any legal issues if I use medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is still considered illegal by the federal government. Thus far, the government has not pursued action against patients who use marijuana for medical purposes.

Who will know that I am obtaining medical marijuana?

The Medical Marijuana Use Registry is open to law enforcement, the health department and licensed dispensaries. Your information is protected in our office.

If I visit with you and do not receive a recommendation for medical marijuana, do I still have to pay?

No. If you do not qualify or receive a recommendation, you will be refunded your money in full!


How much marijuana am I allowed to have?

According to Florida State law, each patient may only be prescribed a 70-day supply of medical cannabis at a time.

Will I be smoking the marijuana?

Smoking is one of several legal methods of marijuana use in Florida. It's certainly not your only option, but our doctors are happy to discuss which method may be best for you. Many people prefer the fast-acting effect and control over effects that smoking provides.

Do you have to be a certain age to be prescribed medical marijuana?

One must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by a parent. In order to treat a child, our office will need to consult with a second physician. The prescription must then be provided to a parent, legal guardian, or healthcare surrogate acting pursuant to a court’s authorization.

Where and when can I purchase the medical marijuana?

Once registered in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, you can then go to the Medical Marijuana Treatment Center of your choice (MMTCs are the businesses often referred to as "dispensaries").

You can obtain medical cannabis in person at a dispensary. Or, as an alternative, the order may be delivered directly to you in person by a representative of the dispensary for a nominal fee.

How long does the process take?

It varies. Dr. Brown can certify you for medical marijuana during your initial evaluation. The application process is what is variable in terms of time. But once the application has been processed and you have received your medical ID, you can then go to a dispensary for medical marijuana.

Will I receive my recommendation or card on the first visit?

If Dr. Brown decides to make a recommendation for medical marijuana for you, she will make that recommendation during your first evaluation with her. You will be certified during this appointment, at which point your medical ID card will be applied for. Once you receive your ID (or receive the state's email notifying you of your active listing), you will be able to receive medical marijuana from a dispensary. 

I’ve noticed in other states medical marijuana physician visits are much cheaper. Why is that?

State to state, marijuana laws and the requirements on recommending physician vary greatly. In the state of Florida, marijuana physicians cannot simply write a 1 year recommendation in a one-time appointment, they must re-issue the recommendation itself every 35 days for smokeables and every 70 days for all other delivery methods. This means a LOT more work for physicians, and more time that they must spend on every patient.

If you have additional questions about medical marijuana, please contact AMRX today by calling 727-209-5470. Dr. Brown and her team welcome patients in and around St. Petersburg, Tampa and all of Florida.