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This place is amazing! The staff is incredibly helpful with any questions I have and they’re so kind to me even when nervous and confused they were there to help me through all my questions and concerns. I’m going to be recommending them to everyone interested in a medical card because they are the best of the best!

Very very very professional place , Ms.Kim and everyone else there is sooooo nice . I love them ! The doctor took his time and made sure I was prescribed the correct meds to help with my anxiety , loss of appetite and body pain from my past. Go see them and tell them I sent you . I’m sure he’ll do what’s to treat you as well .

I brought my mom to see Dr. Brown recently. She was amazing with her. I was very impressed with her approach, kindness and compassion. We were the last in-office appointment for the day, and even so she didn't seem rushed and it felt like she really took the time to educate us. Kudos to her staff as well, she has clearly hired them "in her image". They embody similar traits. Thanks for giving us hope for a more comfortable future!

Excellent customer service and staff. Great products, very thorough, I have recommended multiple people to Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown and her staff are amazing! From the time you walk through the door, until the time you leave, you feel how important you are as a patient. After my first visit I was flabbergasted. Dr. Brown's bedside manner is phenomenal. She's intelligent, compassionate, attentive, honest, respectful, competent and overall a very well rounded physician. Her staff greet you with a smile and treat you with the same respect. I have been a patient for over a year. My issues began three years ago, after a motor vehicle accident. I was diagnosed with multiple levels of pathology and could not get any relief. There were days in which I couldn't move at all. The treatment offered to me, before Dr. Brown, consisted of high dose opioids and chiropractic care. That was not my idea of a long-term care plan. Dr. Brown gave me multiple treatment options including a more holistic approach. One of the options was to use medical cannabis. It is the best decision I've ever made! I went from taking three to four ibuprofen a day, along with Tramadol, to a natural and safe alternative. No more unpleasant side effects and no more feeling sluggish throughout my day. The inflammation has been reduced and my pain levels are tolerable. I now feel more relaxed and most importantly I can function. I cannot express how grateful I am to have found this practice. Thank you Dr. Brown and your team for the life changing care you have provided. You have made a tremendous impact on my quality of life.

I am in my 70s and was a registered nurse for 30 years. I never believed in marijuana and I never even tried it in my younger years. My doctor had me on multiple pain medication and I was still in pain, I woke up at least 20 times a night in horrible pain, so I was not getting any sleep either. My doctor wanted to put me on a third pain medication and I decided I had to try something else. I was already taking Morphine and Methadone and he wanted to put me on Oxycodone. I knew these pills were ruining my body, I could barely move, walk, go to the restroom alone, and could not live any kind of meaningful life with my husband. I decided to come in and see Dr. Lora Brown about medical cannabis, I was doubting it but I needed to try anything to help me live better. I stared taking a cannabis pill and inhalation, took myself off all my opioids. I started to feel better, I could get up and take myself to the bathroom, walk round without being in pain. I started losing weight again and I even got to practice my nursing skills to help my husband with a heart issue. I want everyone to know that Dr. Brown saved me from my pain and wanting to give up on life.

This program is wonderful. When you have a wonderful caring staff like Dr. Brown, rest assured that all will be done to help make life more bearable. After my cancer battle with myself, family, and cancer doctors, my only real out of the oncology surroundings was a natural step into better wellness with AMRX's approach. Thank you again Dr. Brown for your open minded approach to humans needing humans!

I've been suffering from open-angle glaucoma since being diagnosed with it ten years ago. Usually my intraocular pressure (IOP) is in the mid to high 20s. Eye drops have helped bring pressure down to the 21 range. But medical marijuana has allowed the pressure to come all the way down to 14. That's close to a 30% drop in IOP. And with the ease at which I can vape my medicine, it makes it certain I can manage and maintain these levels going forward.

Since starting medical cannabis I have seen a tremendous improvement in my overall health and it truly has been a life saver. I am no longer taking my anxiety medication and haven't had a migraine in over 2 months. I am sleeping throughout the night without any issues or restlessness and it has done wonders for my PTSD on a daily basis. I am so grateful for the awesome staff and caring doctors that have helped transform both my health and life by providing the most effective treatments with cannabis. Thank you so much for giving me my life back again!

We have found our experience with Dr. Brown's office to be a positive one. Her staff goes the extra mile to be sure we are well taken care of and have all of our needs met. When we had problems getting our paperwork (they) spent countless hours working with us and for many weeks until everything went through. We couldn't have done it without her help. Any time we need help with anything, all we have to do is call the office, and we can be sure that our problem, whether large or small, will be well taken care of by someone there with a friendly disposition. Dr. Brown is very knowledgeable about the medical uses of marijuana and what is best for our different conditions


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